[SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES] Kai & Sehun @ Yummy! Yummy!

你看起来很好吃节目: KAI现场展示料理绝技,震惊全场!秀色可餐的KAI与极度馋人的美食相遇,会有怎样的火花?现在教授Wolf舞姿有多受好评?#你看起来很好吃#倒计时只有2天了哦,1月9日起,每周六12:00@乐视网 全屏独家播出 首期花絮视频猛>> (link)
Translation: Kai showcased his cooking skills on the set, amazing the audience in the process! Eye-candy Kai and mouthwatering cuisine cross roads; what kind of fireworks will appear? How will people rate Professor Wolf’s dance? #Yummy Yummy# Only 2 more days left in the countdown, starting from 1/9, every Saturday at 12:00 @LETV exclusive broadcast premiere series highlights video >> (link)