[WEIBO UPDATE] Chen & Zhang LiYin

早上在机场和Chen 一起合照,谢谢他这么累还来北京一起做宣传!!
Took a photo with Chen in the morning at the airport. Grateful that Chen still came to Beijing to do promotions even though he was so tired!!

Trans cr: Icingonyou © 2014


Hello. It’s EXO Chen. ^^

The cold winter is passing by!
It’s quite sad for me, who likes winter. ㅎㅎ

Through the great~ amount of love that I received from everyone last year,
I  am meeting everyone through SM THE BALLAD with the SMTOWN seniors.

Finally I get to stand on the showcase stage and show everyone,
and although I was nervous thank you for encouraging me so that I can finish the stage with the seniors well.

And please also love Liyin noona and my “Breath” that is being revealed tomorrow!!^^
source: exom’s official site
trans cr: nahbit @exok-trans
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